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Few brave the desiccating winds and near permanent drought of these desert lands.

New research from those oddballs at the Wizard’s Tower suggest it was once a vibrant, fertile paradise.

Nobody knows how it all went to hell, but they’ve got theories. And if those hacks are right, then buried within the sand drenched cities of old are treasures beyond description, ripe for the pickin’.

In the flea-bit desert village of Ghee, the locals tell tale of a fabled Dust Witch and her terrible curse.

Surely these rumors were started by clever treasure hunters to scare off the competition. You fill your waterskins at the nearest desert outpost, then hike an hour north toward a well known ruin in search of clues.

As you reach the crest of the next sand dune, you see it. You estimate the place to be 30 feet high. The domed roof is shattered in places. The entrance is buried deep sand.

And further in the distance you see trouble brewing: a dark band of swirling red on the horizon, growing larger by the second. A sandstorm to be sure. It will overtake you if you don’t move quickly. What do you do?

Home Page

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