Wandering Monsters

*Lizard Men patrol. 1d6 lizard warriors armed with spears.

*Paltha. An elf who, while the lizard men captured the rest of her party, escaped unnoticed. She’s been hiding in the caverns, clambering about the darkness, trying to escape ever since. She tells the adventurers of the Lizard King in chamber 6 and how the rest of her companions are to be feasted upon. She’ll also inform you that the lizard men never enter the mausoleum. One can hide there if one avoids the tomb guardians in chamber 9. She’s feverish, panicked, and injured. She won’t last long without help. She’s an excellent encounter to use early in the party’s exploration. Perhaps she’ll only decide to give you information if you help protect her.

*Giant bats. 1d6 giant bats. They’re mostly interested in shiny objects and injured prey.

*Eerie wind. A stray gust of wind extinguishes torches and candles.

*Damaged gear. Some important bit of gear, rope, grappling hook, a lantern, backpack, is broken, ripped or otherwise damaged. Or perhaps rations or water is wasted.

*Cave-in! These caverns are not as stable as they appear and portions may collapse at any time. It’s an OB4 Health test to dodge the falling rock. Failure could cause conditions like injured or afraid, or could lead to new twists like separating the party or trapping someone under rubble. Whatever the outcome, mark the cave-in on the map. This area is now impassable.

*The Dust Witch. She’s the cause of the lingering sandstorm. She has come to curse or kill Partha and the other tomb robbers. She’s a dangerous wight who attacks victims only after they’ve exhausted themselves traversing her sandstorms or looting her tomb. If the group is captured, she’ll offer them a dark bargain, offering the release of all but one.

Wandering Monsters

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